The Tyrnavos Coop Winery & Distillery was founded in 1961 by wine producers in the province of Tyrnavos with the intention to exploit the rich potential of the grape production of the area as for the production and bottling of wine. The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Larissa Tyrnavos Agia (UAC of Larissa) played the role of guarantor for the loan taken by the ABG, which was based on the contracts signed over 1,400 growers in the region, with the prospect of being granted the winery to the wine growers only when they create a reliable partnership for its management. In the contracts signed by the harvesters the amount of grapes that each of them would bring to the winery was defined, but the penalty that would be paid in case of not bringing his harvest too.


The winery is operated by the authority of the UAC until 1978 when it was transferred on 07/28/1978 with a notarial action (Land Registry of Tyrnavos,volume 257, article 76) by the chairman of the UAC, Mr Eleftherios Makris and the President of the Vinicultural Cooperation Mr. Dimitrios Germanidis . During these years of operation of the winery under the UAC, because the earnings of growers were not satisfactory, they do not bring the quantities of the grapes which they were obligated to bring so that their cartels to be charged with payment for interest and part of capital which resulted in many of them to be deleted from the power of the Association. The fact is however that the year that the Winery was transferred to the winegrowers of Tyrnavos showed its dynamic as well. It started a continuing upward trend of creating products and expanding markets. By using a variety of programs in 1982, new stainless steel tanks were constructed with a capacity of 30,000 hl and improved the mechanical equipment with the supply of pneumatic presses and modern bottling line, whereas simultaneously the biological treatment was constructed.


In 1990 the Winery continued the production and bottling of tsipouro, which today plays an important role in the overall turnover of the Association.


In 1997 it continued to a pioneer production of rectified concentrated grape, a product which is mainly available to other wineries in order to increase their alcoholic degree or make sweet or semi-sweet wines.

2004 - 2007

In 2004 and 2007 other 30,000 hl stainless steel tanks were constructed and a warehouse of finished products was constructed too and the bottling plant moved to new locations, new bottling lines for new product packaging (bag in box, pet, etc.) were purchased, new products of tsipouro were generated (aged in oak drums and saffron, and new types of wine). Also transportation trucks and forklifts were purchased, the distribution network was expanded to the Peloponnese. A system to control the quality was applied (ISO) in the winery and integrated management system (Agro 1-2) in the vines of the associates. The total turnover of the partnership reached 11 million euros.