The Tyrnavos Coop Winery & Distillery was the first cooperative which produced and bottled tsipouro in an effort to enhance the spirit of this, to an even better service for the growers’ interests in the region, but also to promote the region of Tyrnavos generally.

The Tsipouro of Tyrnavos is a spirit of recognized geographical origin, included in the beverages authorized to use geographical names as they were recorded in 1989 in the KAN (EOK) 1576/89 and passed and the new KAN EU 110/2008. This is a fact of particular importance in public speaking, since it is known that such recognition is very a difficult matter, a number of features in the product is required, but in case of a product becomes, it acquires incalculably greater value and the region of its origin, as well.

It should be noted that Tyrnavos is the only city in Greece that has such a recognition, since the remaining three tsipouro which are contained in the Rules refer to geographic regions of the country.

The variety Muscat of Hamburg grown almost throughout the region of Tyrnavos contributes in a uniquely way to the flavor profile of tsipouro produced. Scientific studies have shown that the tsipouro produced from this variety has a much richer flavor profile, while some of the perfumes come exclusively from this and cannot be seen in other varieties.

In a nutshell Tsipouro of Tyrnavos has marked and still marks the region of Tyrnavos, supports the viticulture and therefore its economy.

The modern facilities of the cooperative distilleries are able to ensure the excellent quality of the Tsipouro of Tyrnavos. Hi-tech steam stills, with multiple discontinuous distillation under the supervision of experienced personnel and special laboratory tests produce spirits and guaranteed as to quality, while fully exploit the various potential of the Muscat to showcase the delicate flavor and rich aroma that characterizes them.