Ouzo Tirnavos

Ouzo of Tyrnavos

The only Ouzo made from grapes

It’s an authentic ouzo, exclusively made from grapes coming from the area of Tyrnavos and the only one in the country officially characterized as “grape-originating”. Crystal clear and extremely aromatic, the «Ouzo of Tyrnavos» carries on and evolves city’s long history in spirit distillation, where, according to historical recordings, first sounded the word «ouzo», a word that became synonymous with the meaning of a high-quality spirit. Every drop of it is an expression of respect to Tyrnavos’ tradition and of deep love for the great ouzo. Its’ velvet-like, full-mouth taste, hides scents from Tyrnavos vineyards and seduces since the first sip. Greek summer spreads out every time someone opens a bottle of good ouzo.

Distillation of grape-originating alcohol, (grapes that come exclusively from Tyrnavos’ area), with specially selected aromatic herbs, and star anise, in a traditional copper pot-still. Based in traditional local ouzo recipes.

Alcoholic strength by volume: 40% Vol.