Management of authorisations for new vine plantings for the year 2017

Management of authorisations for new vine plantings for the year 2017

The Agricultural Winery Cooperative of Tyrnavos shall inform its members, that the producers concerned may submit an application – formal declaration in electronic form via the website of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food ( by 27 March 2017 with the view to obtaining an authorisation for new plantings of wine grape varieties. Authorisations for new plantings corresponding to 1% (about 640 hectares) of the total wine-growing area made available by the country will be granted and allocated countrywide.

It should be noted, that in order for the application to be eligible, the applicant shall havea land parcel (owned or leased), which is not smaller that the area for which he requests the authorisation, and the minimum area requested per land parcel shall correspond to 0,1 hectares. The application shall be accepted, if all the required supporting documents are attached thereto, in order for the eligibility criterion to be fulfilled. If the supporting documents concerning the priority criteria are not attached thereto, the application shall be eligible, but it is not scored for these criteria.

If the total area covered by the eligible applications submitted exceeds the area made available by the country, the authorisations shall be granted according to the priority criteria applied.

It shall be noted, that the planting authorisations granted through digital application are not financially supported for any action of the “Restructuring and Conversion of Vineyards” Programme.


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