White dry wine

Zephyrus (west wind) was a notable winged god of mythology, and some versions of the myth have it that Eros was born from his union with Iris.

In this wine, the Ugne Blanc variety unfolds its western temperament and blends harmoniously with the Roditis variety, a favourite among all Greek winemakers, thus creating a wine that will simply… blow you away! It is distinguished by its bright green-yellow color and is the first choice among lovers of select white wine due to its refinement and pleasant acidity. It is also loved for its rich palette of aromas of white-fleshed fruit and its balanced, round flavor. The highlight of this wine is the flowery note it leaves in the end, which gives it an exciting sense of coolness and pleasure.

Vol: 11.5%

It goes with fresh fish and seafood, white-sauce dishes and rich green salads.